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Crawlspace Encapsulation

High humidity in the crawlspace of your home can cause many issues that Encapsulation 3negatively affect the homeowner. Growth of wood decaying fungus, colony support for subterranean termites, and harborage for many moisture dependent insects (crickets, roaches, springtails, etc.) are just a few examples.  Many solutions have been offered to combat this problem. At times, adding ventilation to a crawlspace can help, but will always come at the expense of letting moist air into the crawlspace. Residual fungus Encapsulation 4treatments can be applied to the wood   underneath your home in a safe manner, but over time the moisture is still inside your crawlspace causing other problems.  A home that has high humidity in the crawlspace will naturally have to counter high humidity in the living space due to the natural flow of warm air rising.  The list of adverse affects could never be fully exhausted; the good news is that there is a solution: Crawlspace Encapsulation.

Crawlspace Encapsulation is a means of sealing off all sources of moisture from entering into your crawlspace.  The three main sources are humid outside air, moistureEncapsulation 2 from the ground, and moisture that moves through outside foundation walls.  After these moisture sources are blocked with heavy duty barriers, a dehumidifier is installed to capture and remove any remaining moisture in the air.  We proudly use Horizon Dehumidifiers that have proven to have excellent quality, dependability, and customer service.  “Horizon Dehumidifiers are designed to efficiently maintain a 50% relative humidity as recommended by EPA, Ashrae, the American Lung Association, and theEncapsulation 1 American Medical Association.  Installing a Horizon Dehumidifier means that not only will you improve the air quality but also inhibit mold growth and help maintain the structural integrity of your environment.” Please contact us today at 731-668-4887 to see if  Crawlspace Encapsulation is right for you.