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Moisture Control

Because we are dedicated to protecting your home, we also inspect for issues related to moisture. The crawlspace under your home is susceptible to moisture problems, and moisture problems can lead to fungus and mildew. We offer a variety of moisture control solutions to to fit your needs.

Unaddressed moisture problems can contribute to allergy issues, structural damage to your home, and unpleasant odors. A moisture problem can potentially do more damage to a home than a termite infestation.

Four Signs of Moisture Control Problems

Window Condensation

Condensation on interior glass, water beading on a window, or the presence of fog or vapor on glass are signs there is too much moisture in the room.

Humidity present in the construction materials of the home such as with improperly sealed sheetrock or humidity present in cement may cause moisture build-up on windows. Additionally, the outdoor climate may be the cause for some indoor moisture problems, especially when it rains for several days.

Mold Spots on Ceiling or in Corners of Walls

Because steam rises, bathroom moisture problems are often found on ceilings or in the corners of the walls. Bathrooms that do not have sufficient fans to divert steam and humidity most often have problems with mold. Excess moisture can cause black mold to grow, which in turn can cause serious health issues. You don’t have to see the mold for it to affect you; it just has to be present somewhere.

Other areas of the home often affected by trapped moisture are closets, garages or basement rooms and storage areas.

Musty Smell or Odor

The presence of a musty odor in basements, crawl spaces, entrances, and garages is an indication of the presence of mold and mildew. Possible causes of moisture control problems range from improper window and door seals, construction sealing issues, to wet basements from water seepage, which can be a natural occurrence in your particular location.

Grayish Water Level Marks

If Spring ground water dampness is a recurring problem, or you have purchased a home that has white or grayish water level marks in the basement, you are at risk for moisture damage and mold.

Free Moisture Control Evaluation

We evaluate each situation at no cost. If we detect a moisture problem, we will provide recommendations for a solution, which may include a moisture barrier, automatic vents, a wood decaying fungus treatment, or an under-the-home dehumidifier.